Skysafari3-Very cool app

skysafari screenshot

Skysafari3 three is an app similar to Stellarium but it can be used on your phone and iPad as well. It is also much easier to use and the pictures of the sky that can be viewed on it make the sky look a lot more beautiful than with Stellarium. You can use your current location or observe the sky from many different locations as well. Also, if you are wondering about the history of any constellations, stars, or planets, there are descriptions written by astronomers from all over the world that explain just what your looking at. I found this very helpful in explaining what I was viewing and it gave me a better understanding of the universe. There is also a “skychart” which can be viewed by holding your phone or iPad up to the sky and the chart moves while you move. This can pinpoint where you are in the world. This app simply makes looking at the sky fun and interesting.