When Will The Next Impact Be?

Chelyabinsk, meteor

The Chelyabinsk Meteor as seen by person driving a car right during explosion

I watched another video and decided to watch one on the extinction of the dinosaurs. The video is very short and not absolutely thrilling but as I was watching the beginning of the video I thought to myself what if that was us. Going about life as usual with no idea what could go wrong and then all of the sudden something like this happening. And it could potentially happen. According to our homework assignment “Impacts” asteroids 2 m in diameter hit the Earth multiple times a year. And as they increase in size they hit the Earth less frequently until they seem like they are not even a threat. the Tunguska Event, which occurred in 1908 in Russia, was the largest impact event in our recorded history. Even though the asteroid/comet was thought to explode in mid air, the event was still registered as an impact and the estimated size of the object was between 60 -190 meters in diameter. Then two years ago, in February of 2013, a meteor estimated to be over 12000 metric tonnes exploded over Chelyabinsk in Russia and destroyed over 7,000 building with the wave from the blast alone. With these events happening only 105 years, the question of when will it happen again comes to mind. This obviously should not be an every day worry, but it is definitely something to think about and research further.

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One thought on “When Will The Next Impact Be?

  1. Very interesting! While the frequency of impacts on Earth is obviously very relevant, I wonder how the frequency changes on a world of a different size. For example, would we expect the moon to be impacted more than, less than, or an equal amount to earth, given that the moon and the earth are the same distance from the sun?


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