The Earth With No Moon

This video, though it is 8 minutes, is fascinating. Its main focus is what the Earth would be like without the Moon. The most surprising thing I got from this was that humans would probably not exist because they would not be able to withstand the extreme conditions that the Earth would experience without the Moon. Another part that was interesting to imagine was that life could still exist and that evolution would favor smaller, shorter creatures and plants that could withstand extreme climates and rapid changes in those climates. So try to imagine us living on another planet (we have to be somewhere for this image to work) and visiting our Earth but with no humans. There would be no forests and pretty much nothing very large would exist. Try to put yourself in a place where you could see everything to a certain point because there would be nothing tall in the way and imagine all of the creepy-crawlers and strange organisms that would exist. The way I try to imagine it is it would be like a dinosaur world but with miniature dinosaurs. Watch a few minutes of the movie it is definitely worth seeing what the world is like without a Moon.

The video is hyperlinked.

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