Stonehenge: A Place of Death

Stonehenge, found in England’s Salisbury plain, is thought by many to be a calendar of sorts that tracked the movement of the Sun. But through my research I found out a few things about Stonehenge that would surprise anyone. First of all, Stonehenge took 3 million man hours to create and was built over the span of 1,500 years. The massive stones found there came from all over England and some of the blue stones were found to come from Wales. Some of the bodies found buried around Stonehenge date back to 4200 B.C. and are said to be the bodies of Neolithic men and women.

Where Stonehenge strays from the assumption that it was used mainly to track movement of the Sun was determined by researchers and archaeologists who found the bodies buried near Stonehenge with their skulls pointing towards the North towards the Moon. It is said that these people saw the Moon as a symbol of death. Also found at Stonehenge were the bodies of women and children, suggesting this was a place for sacrifices of the most brutal kind.

I was stunned to find out that a place like this is surrounded by so much death and this is discussed very little when talking about Stonehenge and its history.

Sources: Stonehenge video

3 thoughts on “Stonehenge: A Place of Death

  1. It’s mind-boggling to think that a group of people could focus on a task for 1500 years. I wonder who organized its building, because the logistics for the time-period seem nearly impossible.


  2. Stonehenge makes me wonder how they were able to move the rocks because they are so huge. It also makes me think about the crazy dedication needed to put in so many man hours just to build a place for brutal sacrifices.


  3. Hi, Grader here!
    Great post, and very informative! I really didn’t know about the kind of sacrifices that took place around Stonehenge, but it’s definitely really interesting. It’s also interesting to think about how they were able to transport all the stones from all those different places, especially since they didn’t have the kind of technology that we do nowadays.


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