What Would Happen Without Gravity?

no gravity

Is this what the world would be like without gravity?

I have always wondered what earth would be like without gravity. There is gravity on the Moon and we are weightless because we are in a constant state of free fall, not because there is no gravity. But if there was no gravity on earth, would we be able to jump and float away? Imagine being able to jump in the air and have nothing to pull you back down. You would have to walk everywhere with a string between you and your home to keep you from floating away. Everyone would be attached to something. Imagine basketball without gravity. We could all dunk! But would we lose control of how high we could jump? Would we just jump right past the rim and keep on going? Imagine the world without gravity and let me know some scenarios that you think would happen without gravity.

4 thoughts on “What Would Happen Without Gravity?

  1. I think your example about basketball is really interesting and is funny to think about how anyone, despite size and athletic ability would be able to dunk. I think that you bring up valid questions because all of them raise a sense of doubt if these sports and a lot of human actions would even be able to exist if it weren’t for gravity. On a similar note with sports, how do you think it would be possible to play a sport like Soccer? Would the ball ever wind up on the ground?


  2. Besides normal human actions being impossible, in a way, wouldn’t life on Earth be almost impossible? Assuming if no one tied themselves to an object permanently, wouldn’t we all float into space? In addition, if the universe didn’t have gravity, orbits would be impossible, and all objects would simply be freefalling through space. That could make for some diastrous collisions and events.


  3. We’d have to undergo some serious evolution to be able to live in a world without gravity. Even just a few months in space has a bunch of negative effect on astronauts. A lot of our bodies functions rely on gravity – bone density, blood pressure, muscle degradation. Imagine undergoing that for multiple years.

    NASA is still try trying to figure out the long term effects of weightlessness on the body in order to get people to Mars. They’re even paying people to do month-long studies of inactivity (trust me, I’ve considered it).


  4. Grader here!

    Thinking about life without gravity is crazy. If you’re just thinking about Earth, you’re totally right, you could jump to dunk a basketball and then just keep going away forever. But gravity isn’t something that just affects life on Earth-without it, we wouldn’t be able to orbit the Sun, in fact, the Sun would never have formed at all. As cool as floating around may seem, life without gravity would be hard stuff! Nice topic!


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