Is There Life On Other Planets?

Many people always think about aliens. The idea has always been thrown around and many people have had many different opinions on the subject. There have been pictures that cannot be explained of bright lights in the sky. This video contains pictures that have been speculated upon forever. Check out this video. At 2:40, 4:44, 5:15, and at 7:00 minutes all have to do with mysterious sightings of lights and UFO’s in the sky. You may or may not believe the things said, but most of the pictures themselves have been deemed real or have yet to be deemed fake and are still controversial. The rest of the video is still interesting and enjoyable, but the photo at minute 7 is the one that really grabbed my attention. The lights were deemed real and many people saw the lights appear in the sky. There have been many hoaxes and this one was confirmed by many people to be a real photo and a real sighting. Let me know your thoughts on aliens and UFOs. Further evidence to there being life elsewhere is the theory of water once existing on Mars. I believe we will continue to uncover unexplainable truths that will take years to prove about extraterrestrial life.

2 thoughts on “Is There Life On Other Planets?

  1. I have often thought about the potential of aliens or life on other planets. To say that we are the only place in the vast universe that has life would be considered an egotistical thought. Due to the sheer size of the universe and all the areas of it still not explored it would be hard to rule out the potential for life on other planets. However, I do not believe that Earth has been visited by aliens. I believe that all accusations of aliens can be explained. That point aside I really do believe that one day we will find life on another planet.


  2. The question is complex in itself. Is there life? Well to say no, every planet and every moon would need to be checked for life which could possibly exist in really unimaginable ways. To answer yes, we would need an example to verify. This type of question where one cannot be sure how long it will take to answer yes/no but could be easily verified if presented a true (or yes) answer is actually a very important set of questions in academic thought known as NP-complete, which currently have a 1 million dollar reward for solution/proof of no solution.


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