The “Dude” of Astronomy

Galileo Galilei (Feb 15, 1564 – Jan 18, 1642 ): is considered the Father of Astronomy. He also believed in a heliocentric universe and was forced to take back his beliefs. He also developed a telescope allowing him to view and observe planets more closely. He made major discoveries through this technology such as the rings of Jupiter.

3. a. King Charles I attacked British Parliament on January 4th, 1642.

In 1608 the telescope is invented in the Netherlands.

b. Rene Descartes. He was a mathematician and a philosopher. He created techniques which make analytical geometry possible. He also gave us a new way to see the world; connecting mind and matter within the world.

4. So many times in any class that talks about history, the class schedule is divided up by covering either certain people in order of time and covering them separately, or covering a timeline and covering everything within the timeline. This activity made me realize that teaching a subject within a timeline is better because there are so many other things going on around the world. I think that when teaching history in a science class, there should be more connection to the rest of the world and how whatever the new discovery is or topic is affects everyone else. When focusing on a specific person or topic many people tend to block out everything else and just focus on what that person is doing. But the most important thing is how what that person did affected everyone else.

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